Episode 32

Consulting with Shiny Panel Discussion


May 27th, 2022

59 mins 10 secs

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About this Episode

In this special live recording of the Shiny Developer Series held at the first-ever Appsilon Shiny Conferenbce, host Eric Nantz welcomed back an all-star panel of Dean Attali, Tanya Cashorali, Pedro Silva, and Mike Thomas to share their unique perspectives on the life of a Shiny application developer in the world of consulting. The panel discussed topics such as their favorite techniques used across production apps, advice for becoming a Shiny consultant, and ways Shiny can integrate seamlessly with other tech stacks.

Resources mentioned in the episode

Episode Timestamps

00:00:00 Panelist introductions

00:03:20 What are key skills to build production-quality Shiny apps

00:10:05 Creating an app that doesn't feel like a standard Shiny app

00:17:15 Getting started with consulting/freelancing Shiny development

00:27:00 Advice for teams to increase Shiny dev skills

00:36:10 Tools/packages used every day

00:45:15 App development workflows

00:49:30 Underrated techniques

00:58:20 Episode wrapup


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