Episode 29

Playing fair with the FairSplit Shiny App


May 27th, 2022

1 hr 15 mins 18 secs

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About this Episode

Whether in a sports pickup game or a different friendly competition, we often strive for balancing the distributions of skills so everyone can have fun. What does this have to do with Shiny? In episode 29, our coverage of the 2021 Shiny contest continues as I am joined by Douglas Mesquita and Luis Gustavo Silve e Silve who created the novel FairSplit Shiny application! Motivated by regular football pickup games, Douglas and Luis developed a novel algorithm to balance the distribution of individuals incorporating multiple traits that eventually wound up into a snazzy Shiny app that easily has something for everyone. This is yet another example of the many use cases Shiny brings at your fingertips.

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Episode Timestamps

00:00:00 Episode & Douglas' introduction

00:02:50 Luis' introduction

00:07:30 Fairsplit Shiny app

00:17:10 Application walkthrough

00:27:20 Sidenote: Statistical bias introduced into the system

00:47:47 Code discussion

01:12:25 Episode wrapup