Episode 16

Jiena Gu McLellan


March 5th, 2021

1 hr 5 mins 47 secs

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About this Episode

In episode 16 of the Shiny Developer Series, we welcome software developer Jiena McLellan! Jiena shares how she has created many useful packages and Shiny applications to help not only with her day job, but for fun personal projects benefiting her friends and family too! We dive deep into her innovative DT-Editor Shiny module, as well as how she developed packages based on htmlwidgets such as the flashCard package for teaching yourself new concepts.

Resources mentioned in the episode

Episode Timestamps

0:00 Episode introduction
0:43 Introducing Jiena
4:18 DT-editor - A shiny module that allows your Shiny app users to edit and update DT tables in your shiny app https://github.com/jienagu/DT-Editor
13:23 DT-editor shiny module https://github.com/jienagu/DT_editor_shiny_module
18:33 noteMD, Add a textfield to your shiny app, which may then be printed to pdf or word.
23:23 Example blending DT editor and noteMD together https://github.com/jienagu/Shiny_Full_Flow
25:33 FAQ https://github.com/jienagu/faq
32:38 Htmlwidget flip - flashcard https://github.com/jienagu/flashCard
42:28 Demo, showing the experience of developing htmlwidgets and js code bases.
60:13 Advice for Shiny developers
63:53 Episode conclusion